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Fees & Payments

You can download our College fee information here.  

Fees & Payments

Why do Catholic schools and colleges have fees?

To provide quality learning environments, Catholic schools and colleges have fees to help meet the shortfall in Government funding. Catholic schools and colleges strive to keep fees as low as possible. The term ‘school fees’ includes tuition fees and levies. Each school or college assesses the levies necessary to meet their individual school and community operation requirements. In doing this, they are firstly guided by the diocesan tuition fee set by Catholic Education Services.

Multi-student/school family discount

Families with more than one child in the same or other primary or secondary Catholic schools and Colleges within the Cairns Diocese receive fee discounts for the second, third and subsequent children.

Concession Card discount and eligibility

In addition to these family and country school discounts that have historically been offered, Cairns Catholic Education offers a means-tested concession card discount. Parents/carers with an eligible means-tested Australian government health care or pensioner concession card may be eligible to receive a discount on tuition fees (does not apply to other school levies or additional costs). Cardholders are recommended to advise the College of their concession card at enrolment, when the card is gained or when a replacement card is received. Once an eligible card is sighted and verified by the College administration together with completion of the Concession Card Tuition Fee Discount application form, tuition fees for future terms only will be adjusted. This scheme is intended to assist those families who genuinely do not have the financial capacity to pay tuition fees in full.

Special consideration

Families without a means-tested concession card who are experiencing genuine financial hardship are encouraged to contact the College for a confidential discussion in respect of fees and levies.  Requests will be treated with understanding, sensitivity and confidentiality. 

Further information

For further information on Fees, Discounts and other relevant documentation, please refer to the St Andrew’s Catholic College Tuition Fees and Levies Schedule above for full details. Additional information regarding the Diocesan Fee Schedule, Catholic School discounts and the Concession Card Tuition Fee Discount Scheme is available from the Catholic Education Website.

2022 Term Dates


Term 1 25 Jan - 1 Apr 10
Term 2 19 Apr - 24 Jun 10
Term 3 11 Jul - 16 Sep 10
Term 4 4 Oct - 2 Dec 9

2023 Term Dates


Term 1 24 Jan - 31 Mar 10
Term 2 17 Apr - 23 Jun 10
Term 3 10 Jul - 15 Sep 10
Term 4 3 Oct - 1 Dec 9

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