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Learn languages at St Andrew’s. Start here. Go anywhere.

Four languages are offered at St Andrew’s College: Chinese (Mandarin), French, Italian and Japanese.

All students learn Japanese from Prep in the Junior Years, focusing on songs, games and culture in the early years, and basic Japanese language skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking in upper Junior Years.

In Middle Years, after a rotation of experiencing all the four languages in Year 6, students choose to either continue with Japanese or commence a beginner’s course in Chinese (Mandarin), French or Italian. All four languages are taught by specialist language teachers. Students will have opportunities to participate in language competitions and various cultural activities throughout the year. Enthusiastic language students who wish to contribute to the community can apply to become Language Ambassadors. Languages are compulsory subjects from Year 6 to 8 and become electives from Year 9 and above.

As students move to Senior Years, there are opportunities for language students to participate in overseas trips, host overseas students, apply for scholarships, and enjoy the personal long-term benefits of learning a language. All four languages are offered from Year 10 to Year 12 either face-to-face or distance education. For Chinese learners, students can study the subject as an ATAR subject and/or be enrolled in the Certificate II and/or Certificate III in Applied Language (in partnership with Ripponlea Institute, RTO Code: 21230). The certificate courses are nationally recognised, and there is a strong focus on social and workplace communication skills, which are practical for everyday real-life use. Certificate II and III in Applied Language will be extended to other languages in the future. Chinese students can also apply to take the global Chinese proficiency test (HSK) via the local test centre to get their Chinese skills internationally recognised.

Our aim in the Languages Faculty is to foster a passion for the language and culture of the language we teach and to share our language expertise with your child.

2022 Term Dates


Term 1 25 Jan - 1 Apr 10
Term 2 19 Apr - 24 Jun 10
Term 3 11 Jul - 16 Sep 10
Term 4 4 Oct - 2 Dec 9

2023 Term Dates


Term 1 24 Jan - 31 Mar 10
Term 2 17 Apr - 23 Jun 10
Term 3 10 Jul - 15 Sep 10
Term 4 3 Oct - 1 Dec 9

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