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Visual Art

Visual Art prepares young people for a future in the workforce by requiring them to seek creative solutions to complex design problems, think divergently and use higher order learning skills to articulate an informed and individualised aesthetic (style/expression). At a time when creativity is sought by industry, visual art significantly contributes to the design and manufacture of images and objects needed for living. Artists, designers and craftspeople reflect identity and document culture through persuasive and inventive ideas. Visual communication is the most dominant mode in a mediatised world, and young people need to make sense of it and be discriminating.

In the Junior Years (Prep - Year 5): Students will follow the Australian Curriculum syllabus documents for English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, The Arts, HPE and Languages. In 2016 we implemented Version 8 Australian Curriculum for Learning Areas. The tenth Learning Area is Religion, where we follow the Brisbane Guidelines. Curriculum content and achievement standards are made explicit within the Australian Curriculum. Junior Years staff are responsible for the selection of the most suitable pedagogical approach for the students within their care. This ensures the best possible teaching and learning opportunities can take place at all times.

In the Middle Years (Years 6 – 9) Visual Art students have the opportunity to work creatively in a stimulating learning environment. They are encouraged at all levels to create original and exciting artwork and to develop their own ideas. Within their artwork students express their feelings and their own individuality as well as achieving a high level of skill in handling a wide range of media in both two and three dimensions. Through incremental degrees of complexity students are introduced and become familiar with a body of artistic knowledge, skills, principles and vocabulary. The atmosphere in the art room encourages creativity and innovation, with an emphasis on respecting their own and others work. Art is the learning experience that can have a powerful impact on self-esteem and the intellectual and emotional development of each student.

In the Senior Years (Years 10 – 12) the Visual Art Department at St Andrew’s offers two subjects: Visual Art and Visual Arts in Practice.

Visual Art focuses on students using the processes of researching, developing and resolving, to explore concepts through a study of a range of media areas. Students are encouraged to work across the media areas such as, ceramics, drawing, electronic imaging, environmental design, fibre arts, graphic design, installation, painting, performance art, photographic arts, printmaking, sculpture, video and film. Students also study a diverse range of artworks, visual art styles and philosophies from a variety of social, cultural and historical contexts.

Visual Arts in Practice, an authority-registered subject area syllabus, foregrounds the role visual art plays in the community and how students may become involved in community arts activities. It focuses on students engaging in art-making processes and making virtual or physical visual artworks for a purpose. This occurs in the following areas – 2D, 3D, digital and 4D, design and craft. Students are given the opportunity to explore the role of artist practitioners through workshops with local artists. This course can establish a base for further education and employment in fields of design, styling, decorating, illustrating, drafting, visual merchandising, make-up artistry, advertising, photography or ceramics.

2022 Term Dates


Term 1 25 Jan - 1 Apr 10
Term 2 19 Apr - 24 Jun 10
Term 3 11 Jul - 16 Sep 10
Term 4 4 Oct - 2 Dec 9

2023 Term Dates


Term 1 24 Jan - 31 Mar 10
Term 2 17 Apr - 23 Jun 10
Term 3 10 Jul - 15 Sep 10
Term 4 3 Oct - 1 Dec 9

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