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Student Wellbeing

St Andrew’s Catholic College is fortunate to have three Counsellors to support the College community in the areas of social, educational, and personal development. The role of the College Counsellors is to focus on student wellbeing and work collaboratively with teaching staff and parents to promote and foster the development and mental health of students, through the provision of comprehensive and diversified counselling services.

Counselling can help a person cope with a crisis or address problems and issues in their lives and look at how and what they can change. Counselling can support students' desire to grow, support their learning and develop unused potential more efficiently. It does not always deal with crisis situations. Counselling can explore positive strategies for conflict resolution, stress management, communication and social and emotional needs appropriate to a young person’s development. Referrals can be made by counsellors to other agencies for more specialised assistance. Counselling is a team effort in which the counsellor and the client each have responsibilities. It is not just a ‘quick fix’ to the presenting problem.

The counselling service is confidential but there are limitations to this when information needs to be shared. The counsellor will explain this to the client in person. These times include:

  • It is a legal obligation (mandatory reporting of child abuse or court subpoenas).
  • When a student is in danger of being harmed from any source (including self-harm).
  • The student has given permission for information to be shared (e.g. GP or Paediatrician).

Bookings can be made via:

  • Primary
    • Classroom teacher
  • Secondary
    • Students: counselling referral tile on the AndIE student dashboard
    • Parents: counselling referral tile on the AndIE parent dashboard

The following counsellors have been appointed to the College: -

  • Natasha O'Grady
  • Sandi Brown
  • Chaylene Bazeley

There may be times where Counsellors will move across Primary and Secondary depending upon the need presented by a student accessing counselling or if psycho-education is to be provided to a particular cohort.    

Our College Counsellors can be contacted via email

Natasha O’Grady
College Counsellor

Sandi Brown
College Counsellor 

Anna Jackman
College Counsellor 

2024 Term Dates


Term 1 23 Jan - 28 Mar 10
Term 2 15 Apr - 21 Jun 10
Term 3 8 Jul - 13 Sep 10
Term 4 30 Sep - 5 Dec 10