St Andrew’s
Catholic College, Redlynch Valley

A P-12 College celebrating each individual; promoting excellence in learning and teaching; and fostering active community participation.

College Leadership

College Leadership Team

The Principal administers the College with the assistance of the College Leadership Team which is the Principal's major consultative and advisory group for educational and administrative decisions.

Responsibilities of the College Leadership Team include determining administrative policies and procedures throughout the college, planning and approving major school functions, events and activities, and approving and evaluating staff development and inservice programs.

Mr Lee Macmaster

Mr Brad Greene
Deputy Principal – Head of Senior Years

Mr Lucas Felstead
Deputy Principal – Head of Middle Years

Mrs Kym Bennett
Deputy Principal – Head of Junior Years

Mrs Kate White
Assistant Principal - Adminstration

Mr David Meyer

Business Manager

Mrs Natalie Sproles
Executive Assistant

Mrs Gerri Simpson
Assistant Principal Religious Education – Junior Years

Mr Michael Aitken
Assistant Principal Religious Education – Middle Years

Mrs Leanne Webster

Assistant Principal Religious Education – Senior Years

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