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Music at St Andrew's Catholic College enjoys a high profile within the broader College community.

From the more experienced Year 12 music scholar to a beginner in Prep, and whatever the instrument, our aim is to support, encourage and develop each student’s music-making. Our hope is that when students leave St Andrew's, they will continue to pursue their music-making independently having gained sufficient skills whilst at the College to enable them to sing in choirs, play in bands or orchestras, or just to enjoy playing at home as a hobby. For some, further professional training will beckon and we know that the rounded and high-level musical education provided at St Andrew's will also prove an excellent foundation for a Music Degree or a Conservatorium course.

There are currently 5 full-time and 1 part-time classroom Music teachers. We also have a resident accompanist for recitals, concerts, exams and Eisteddfods etc. The Music Department has several visiting instrumental teachers of the highest calibre who come to the College on a weekly basis.

Maureen Cameron

Head of Department – Music (P-12); Senior Years Teacher; Brass Specialist

Bryan Hurdley

Head of Instrumental Music (P-12); Senior Years Teacher; Brass Specialist

Leanne McIntyre

Assistant Head of Music; Middle Years Teacher; Woodwind Specialist

Fran Vaux Lobut

Junior Years Teacher; Brass Specialist

Tracey Thorpe

Junior/Middle Years Teacher; Accompanist

Paul Brimstone

Piano Specialist; Accompanist

Johnathon Barbagello

Percussion Specialist

Robert Johnstone

String Specialist

Linda Gordon / Ben Stein  

School Officers - Music Administration

JUNIOR YEARS (Prep – Year 5)

In the Junior Years (Prep-Year 5): All classroom music lessons are being redesigned to bring us in line with the latest ACARA guidelines. All lessons have a key aim - to build confidence and self-esteem in every child and to excite each individual’s love of music regardless of gender, ability, race or financial background.

Theory skills, songs, learning recorders, playing the xylophones, drums, hand percussion, boom-whackers, handbells, keyboard skills, access to "Groovy Music" software, research, games... FUN... FUN... and... ENGAGING IN LEARNING!

Our classroom music lessons are built on hands-on experiences with music, hopefully fuelling the spark for a lifelong love of our most basic of human needs - MUSIC.

MIDDLE YEARS (Year 6 – Year 9)

All students in Middle Years at St Andrew's Catholic College have access to a wide range of instruments. During classroom lessons, each student will have hands-on experience with professional quality instruments including keyboards, various music software packages, xylophones and glockenspiels, hand percussion, including drums and bongos. Music is an elective course in Years 8 and 9.

We aim to offer a wide range of musical experiences including singing, playing, composing and listening. We build on the skills learned in the Junior Years and welcome all new students to our caring and nurturing environment where every child is welcome and encouraged to be actively involved.

SENIOR YEARS (Year 10 – 12)

Senior Music (Years 11-12)

Studying Music fosters students' confident expression of their creativity and individuality. A study of music helps students understand and heighten the enjoyment of the arts in their lives. Students who are learning an instrument should seriously consider this option.

For more information about this service: Music (2013) (Authority subject) [Qld Studies Authority]

Music Extension (Year 12 only)

Do you have specific talents in music that you would like to really improve? Music Extension is an exciting and challenging course for students in Year 12 who have or are already enrolled in Senior Music (having completed one year already). Music Extension is studied over both semesters in Year 12.

For more information about this service: Music Extension (2008) (Authority subject) [Qld Studies Authority]

Senior Music Ensemble

On Wednesday Period 7 and 8 each week, senior students are offered the opportunity to come along to the music block to make some music. This is aimed at instrumentalists and vocalists of all ability levels.

Extra-Curricular Involvement

All Year 10, 11 and 12 students are encouraged to be a part of at least one extracurricular activity each week. Students are improving in their musical abilities by this time and sharing music with like-minded, talented students is a rewarding and exciting experience. 

Lessons outside Core Subject Lesson Time

All instrumental lessons will be offered to our Year 11 and 12 students in their non-core subject times. That could be at lunchtime, during Assembly or during homeform. 


'In The Groove' music at St Andrew's Catholic College is a music enrichment course designed for students with special needs.

How does it work?

Students attend a weekly lesson in groups of between three and six students of a similar age and ability level.

What happens in lessons?

'In The Groove' music is catered to the age and ability level of the students in each group and therefore activities vary according to each group. Activities range from musical games, songs, rhythm activities, movement, dancing and computers.

What are the benefits?

The aim of 'In The Groove' music is to enrich your child's everyday life through movement and fun music-making. The program helps to develop confidence, social skills (teamwork, turn-taking, sharing, interacting with others), motor skills, coordination and sensory development. We also have classes aimed at those students who may excel academically and use it as an enrichment course of study.

How do I get my child involved?

If you are interested in your child attending 'In The Groove' classes, or you would like to learn more about it please contact the Learning Support department at the College.

2022 Term Dates


Term 1 25 Jan - 1 Apr 10
Term 2 19 Apr - 24 Jun 10
Term 3 11 Jul - 16 Sep 10
Term 4 4 Oct - 2 Dec 9

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