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Indigenous Liaison Officer

The College has a full-time Indigenous Liasion Officer (ILO) who works with our students to bring awareness, acceptance and recognition of the importance of Indigenous culture and heritage.  The College also ensures that our wider College community has knowledge of Indigenous Culture and an appreciation for the land on which the College is located. 

The opportunities presented with a St Andrew's Catholic College education give our students the confidence to succeed and the ability to maintain their connections to family, land, heritage and culture.  Our College curriculum embeds Indigenous perspectives and our ILO works closely with our teachers to ensure the information is current, accurate and inclusive.

2022 Term Dates

Term 4 2021 5 Oct - 2 Dec 9
Term 1 25 Jan - 1 Apr 10
Term 2 19 Apr - 24 Jun 10
Term 3 11 Jul - 16 Sep 10
Term 4 4 Oct - 2 Dec 9

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