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Adopt a Cop

The role of the school-based Adopt-A-Cop

The Adopt-a-Cop program was implemented in 1985 as a means of building a better relationship between the police and children in the College community. The program is designed to permit the volunteer police officer to work with her/his local school in fostering a better relationship between the Police Service and students. (This program is not to be confused with the Policing in Schools Program.)


‘To be the focal point for the Police Service in the education of students in the school community.'


  • To have police officers available as an education resource for the school community
  • To reduce crime through education
  • To improve the attitude of students to the community, police and law
  • To demonstrate the values, responsibilities and obligations current society deems valuable


  • To assists in the education of the school community
  • State the consequences of a person's actions regarding unlawful behaviours
  • Participate in the education of the students regarding their responsibilities towards the community
  • Promoting law abiding behavior through examples and presentations
  • Assist the school in conducting those parts of the educational program in which they have appropriate expertise
  • Contribute to an understanding of the law/legal process and procedures, particularly in relation to youth
  • Participate in school activities that allow for the opportunity to further the aims of crime prevention initiatives
  • Conduct within schools, all activities normally undertaken by police in areas of education - Presentations on: Road Safety Issues; Keeping Ourselves Safe; The role of Police in Society; Drugs; and Safety House
  • Assist schools in the conduct of student activities at which the police presence would contribute to the students' education

A resource kit has been developed to assist Adopt-a-Cops with performance of their duties. The information within this package can be broadly divided into five sections:

  • Role of police in society;
  • Safety House;
  • Drugs and Alcohol;
  • Road Safety; and
  • Keeping Ourselves Safe (Protective Behaviours)

St Andrew's Catholic College has two 'Adopt-a-Cop.'

They are Senior Constable Michael Fletcher and Constable Matthew Franks from the Cairns Police.

The time they devote to the role of Adopt-a-Cop is voluntary, and as such, they may not be available at short notice. Michael and Matthew can provide advice on criminal matters but prefer to leave civil issues to the solicitors. Please view their role mainly as a resource for educational purposes.

2022 Term Dates


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