St Andrew’s
Catholic College, Redlynch Valley

A P-12 College celebrating each individual; promoting excellence in learning and teaching; and fostering active community participation.

The safety of our students, staff, parents and visitors is paramount. A concise traffic management plan is in place at the College to fairly and safely accommodate all user groups.

The designated set-down and pick up area for students in Year 1 through to Year 12 is at the Stop, Drop / Pick up / Go zone in the northern carpark area of the College. All other areas are out of bounds due to safety considerations.

Parents and Carers of Prep students who have College issued parking stickers on their vehicle windshields are invited to utilise the designated Prep parking areas near the Prep Classrooms.

No vehicles with the exception of Prep parents should make the right turn into the College unless attending to business or appointments through the College administration. All other traffic must turn Left as indicated.

Students waiting to be collected by parents/carers who are due to arrive after 3.15pm must wait in the covered Tuckshop area of O Block. Please note that this area is supervised by staff until 3pm only. Parents and carers are asked not to use this area for supervision of their children who are expected to be collected later in the afternoon.

Student pick up by parents/carers is not permitted from the visitors and business carpark outside L and N Blocks (near Main Administration Block) between  7:30am - 8:30am and 2pm - 3.30pm. Students are not to wait in this area (outside L, and N Blocks) for collection by their parents / carers. A limited number of students from our Learning Support area are permitted to be collected from this area.

Students who are in the incorrect areas of the College in the afternoon during pick up times will be issued with a lunchtime detention. Please ensure your child understands the correct areas for pick up.

We encourage the use of Loves School Bus Service, the walking and bike paths that adjoin the College, and the underpass linking the College to the western side of Redlynch Intake Road. Thank you for your patience and tolerance during drop off and pick up time and for your cooperation in assisting us to keep our College community safe.

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