St Andrew’s
Catholic College, Redlynch Valley

A P-12 College celebrating each individual; promoting excellence in learning and teaching; and fostering active community participation.

Senior Years

St Andrew’s, being a Catholic College, aims to create an atmosphere of community for all its members.

This community is one which values the uniqueness of every individual and appreciates each one's worth as a person who is growing in the stature of Christ. It is a community that is characterised by a spirit of cooperation, respect and friendliness which staff and students have worked hard to establish as a long ongoing tradition.

Senior students, in particular, are expected to:

Help maintain the high ideals of St Andrew’s.

Accept responsibility for self-discipline.

Apply themselves fully to their studies.

Act, in all circumstances, with maturity.

Co‑operate actively in the liturgical, cultural, social and sporting life of the College.

It is important for students to realise that how well they achieve this year will have a direct effect on how well they manage the transition to Year 11 next year.  The level of difficulty of academic work increases significantly in Year 11, and unless a student works steadily in Year 10, and develops sound study habits, he/she is likely to experience real difficulty in coping with the demands of senior studies.

Years 11 and 12 are most important years, for the achievements of these two years contribute a great deal to the range of choices available to students at the completion of Year 12.  As well as the obvious priority of academic work during these years, this is also a time when students become more aware that, as older students in the College, they have an increased responsibility to their peers and to the College, as they accept more duties as senior students.

We believe our students are capable of achieving excellent results, and hope they will take every opportunity this year and in the next two to maximize their own potential, and achieve their personal goals.

Mr Brad Greene
Deputy Principal – Senior Years

Mrs Leanne Webster
Assistant Principal Religious Education  – Senior Years

Senior Years

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