St Andrew’s
Catholic College, Redlynch Valley

A P-12 College celebrating each individual; promoting excellence in learning and teaching; and fostering active community participation.

Enrolment Policy

Gospel Values

Truth, Learning, Justice, Respect, Community.


Historically, Catholic schools in Australia were established for the specific purpose of educating students from the Catholic community. This mandate has not changed.

However, changing conditions today, such as greater awareness of human dignity and human rights and a growing spirit of ecumenism are calling for changes in schools’ enrolment policies. From the standpoint of faith, Christ’s openness to all people, especially the disadvantaged and those subject to prejudice, is the spirit that informs decisions about enrolments.


St Andrew’s Catholic College is committed to educating students from the Catholic community. These, along with members of the wider community, are welcome within the Catholic College, provided they show some understanding of and commitment to, Catholic beliefs, values and practices, as articulated in the College’s Principles and Mission Statement.


Enrolment procedures will reflect the need to maintain the Catholic spirit and identity of the College.

Enrolment procedures, modelled on diocesan guidelines, are inclusive and accepting of students with diverse needs.

Enrolment numbers will be in accordance with the master plan for student population, as approved by the Board of Governance – Education.

 Consideration in enrolment priorities should be given to
  • Persons who participate regularly in the celebration of Eucharist, (of the Roman or Eastern Catholic Church), from Redlynch and environs;
  • Siblings of existing student members of the community;
  • Participating members of other Christian churches (considering geographic location and time of application);
  • Catholics who commit to the values of St Andrew’s Catholic College;
  • Christians who commit to the values of St Andrew’s Catholic College;
  • Those persons not affiliated with any church, who commit to the values of St Andrew’s Catholic College;
  • The principal will have discretion to review enrolments with reference to particular community pastoral care considerations in response to community need; and
  • The Principal makes decisions within the available staff and community resource.






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