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Digital Technologies

Information Technology at St Andrew’s has had a busy year with the addition of new teachers and new courses, opening up exciting opportunities for students to excel and expand their horizons as they delve into the many facets of the IT world.

With the growing popularity of smartphones, YouTube, social networks and MP3 players, there are many new digital media applications that are being designed and produced from ‘Apps’ to Advertising; the list goes on and is only limited by the imagination.

Animation, web design, graphics design, programming and interactive multimedia are just some of the services that are currently in demand in the workforce; these are some of the skill sets that we cover in our current courses here at the college. 

Computer savvy workers can find jobs in consulting, education, the arts, media (new and traditional), marketing communications and training. Digital media is playing an increasingly bigger role in the marketplace and in global culture. With outsourcing on the rise, you can work for a prestigious international company from just about anywhere. 

Certificate I in Information, Digital Media and Technology provides the skills and knowledge for individuals to safely perform foundation digital literacy tasks using a personal computer and a range of software applications and digital devices.  It also provides students with 2 QCE points upon successful completion and gives them a solid foundation for future technology endeavours.

Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology provides the skills and knowledge for an individual to be competent in a wide range of general information and communications technology (ICT) technical functions and to achieve a degree of self-sufficiency as an advanced ICT user.

Students working at this level will support information technology activities in the workplace across a wide range of ICT areas, including technical support, network administration, web technologies, software applications and digital media technologies. Successful completion of this subject provides students with 8 QCE points and an OP-Equivalency that they can use pursue University and other tertiary courses.

Coding is a trending skill required on the current employment market.   Coding is the modern-day language of creativity, and a powerful force in the economy.  If you can understand simple source code, you have the power to create any game / app / software you can imagine.  There are more employment vacancies than employees in computer science and as such the salaries are sky high. 

From as early as Year 6, but more predominantly in Senior Years, foundation skills in application development are taught.  This includes reading and writing simple code in order to develop programming skills whilst creating useful applications, software and games for business and personal interests.

Whilst coding is not a stand-alone subject at this point, it is embedded into all our IT courses from Year 6 to Year 12.


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