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Year 12 Retreat

The purpose of the Year 12 Retreat is to provide an opportunity for each student to reflect, share and learn about themselves, their relationship with others (especially their family), and their relationship with God.

This process will take place through a number of planned activities and a Retreat Liturgy. 

The Retreat is part of the Religious Education Program and as such it is compulsory that every Year 12 student attend. The Retreat promises to be a very rewarding and worthwhile experience. To know ourselves truly, we need to take time to ‘listen’ to ourselves and reflect on what is happening in our lives and to come to terms with what it means for us.  Listening with a caring, rather than judgemental heart is important. In the same way we are called to a relationship with God and need to take time to develop this relationship through prayer and reflection, tuning in and listening to the messages God is sending us.

Please note that dates of individual camps may be subject to change or cancellation.

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